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What's going on in Debian Qt world?


Qt 4.7.0 beta 2 and Qt Creator 2.0.0 have been released upstream. There's some
noticeable changes in our Qt packages compared to Qt 4.6.x series:
 - legacy Qt Assistant (ADP) is removed
 - new Qt declarative module is introduced
 - Qt Multimedia and Qt Webkit aren't being built anymore

In case your package depends on the deprecated Qt Assistant, it is still being
shipped in a separated Qt Assistant compatibility package called

Qt Multimedia is now shipped from Qt Mobility API instead of Qt. The module has
been renamed to Qt Mobility MultimediaKit. Qt Mobility delivers a set of APIs
for mobile device functionality.

Qt WebKit is shipped standalone, separated from Qt. Hopefully, it will make
Qt WebKit security support easier.

There are also a new component in the family: Qt Messaging Framework (QMF).
The Qt Messaging Framework, QMF, consists of a C++ library and daemon server
process that can be used to build email clients, and more generally software
that interacts with email and mail servers.

Finally, I have started to ship a snapshot of a new Phonon backend: Phonon VLC,
one backend to rule them all ;)

All the packages can be found in Debian Experimental repository, except
Qt Simulator, a simulator for Qt applications running on Nokia devices.
This package should land soon in Debian archives.

I encourage you to try building your Qt applications against these packages and
please, report any bugs you encounter.



Debian Qt/KDE team


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