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architecture limitation question

Dear list members,

I'm maintaining the amavisd-milter package and have a question: Due to the
unavailability of libmilter-dev on HURD (it uses PATH_MAX which is not defined
there) my package can't be built for this OS. As I don't know if and when this
will be fixed by either Debian or upstream maintainers I thought about limiting
the Architectures in debian/control on which amavisd-milter would run for now
to linux-any, kfreebsd-any to work around the failure. Would this be considered
ok or is this rather a misuse of the field in the control file? Are there any
other options for temporary limiting the architectures so that the build system
needs not to use it's precious ressources for unsuccessful build attempts? I'm
not on the list so if you answer please CC me so that I also receive your mail.

Thanks in advance for your help
Kind regards
Harald Jenny

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