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Aptitude wishlist bug with a package - how to get it merged?

Hello, Daniel.

I've submitted bug 497206 for aptitude with a patch attached almost two
years ago.  It's a new feature, to allow packages to be grouped by
source. It's usually easier to upgrade all packages from the same
source, without having to look for (and sometimes guess) what are the
other packages from that given source package.

At that time, I've got some feedback (my first implementation required a
change to apt), and have responded with another patch. I've been missing
some aptitude upgrades or rebuilding it ever since.

This is a simple patch, since it looks like very much other code already
in aptitude to group packages by other criteria. I know aptitude has
lots of reported bugs and maintaining it must really take a lot of time.

I would like to know what I can do to help get this merged.
Unfortunately, I cannot commit to co-maintain aptitude. But I could help
fixing any bugs that arise from my patch and those come to my knowledge
(perhaps, I should subscribe for the aptitude bug list for a while).

At last, I would like to thank you for developing and maintaining this
great software.


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