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Re: "Waqf" General Public License in Debian?

>> The above URL has the license.  I think that the concepts in the preamble are 
>> interesting, offering software to please Allah and denying the concept of 
>> "ownership" of Intellectual Property.
> Which is not only non-free in Debian, we can not distribute it.
> A software license is not allowed to force other users to please any "god".

Yes, we can very well distribute a software in non-free that requires
the user to do whatever funny thing the license author wants from him.
It is the users problem in non-free if they can follow that or
not. Debian does only require the distribution rights, and I do not see
how they are affected in such a thing. How much sense it makes and what
I personally think of license authors (hint: nothing good at all, DO NOT
WRITE ANY NEW LICENSE, DAMNIT), is something else.

bye, Joerg
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