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Re: Purpose and policy of the future backports.debian.org.

Re: Bernd Zeimetz 2010-06-30 <[🔎] 4C2B6F9B.8030504@bzed.de>
> > I have another question: backports-user is quite high traffic, but to upload
> > backports it is required to be subscribed. Will this change for
> > backports.debian.org? Will the users be invited to use the BTS?
> 80 messages in a month is a high traffic mailing list for you?
> debian-bugs-dist is high traffic, or LKLM, or sometimes debian-devel, but not
> backport-users.

It is. 80 messages, of which about 0.5 are of relevance for the
backports I care about are the reason I'm not subscribed.

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