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Re: Improve support for installing 32-bit libraries on 64-bit systems

David Kalnischkies scrisse:
> The biggest showstoppers are as far as i know that
> a) dpkg doesn't support it
> b) APT doesn't support it
> c) (not many) packages use it (last time i check ~24)
> c) is likely caused by a) and b) which in fact decreases the
> motivation for a) and b) to implement it as nobody use it… ***
> dependency loop detected ***

Goswin recently offered some help to improve the situation regarding a)
and c) points, but I've seen no (public) answer from you:

Given that you say apt in experimental is semi-working, it would be
interesting to join forces and see if something almost test-able can
be provided.
If so, it would also be useful to advertise it a bit more and hoping to
gain some momentum...

Ciao, Luca

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