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Re: Essentiality of Bash

Le samedi 26 juin 2010 à 14:07 +0200, Marc Haber a écrit :
> >The footnote to Policy 3.5, where this is written out?
> Ah, so this is the same as the no-circular-dependency rule, dumping
> extra error proneness and extra thoughtweight on all developers to
> work around shortcomings in our software?

AIUI it is here because the no-circular-dependency rule isn’t enforced

Furthermore, I’d be interested to know how to fix such a “shortcoming”
in our software. If both A and B depend on each other, A.postinst must
be executed before B.postinst, and vice versa. Please show me an
algorithm to do that that doesn’t rely on a timeshifting device.

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