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Re: Automatically installing hardware specific packages

[Sebastian Heinlein]
> Basically PackageKit is just a common interface and a daemon to handle
> transactions. The work is done by backends. The PackageKit daemon just
> receives the request for a driver and routes it to the backend.
> But you also need some client tools: The always running gpk-update-icon
> and the DBus activated gpk-service tools from gnome-packagekit. Both run 
> in the user session and listen to the session D-Bus. The tools provide the
> end user dialogs and guide the user through the installation process:

Would you be interested in testing in Debian Edu/Squeeze a setup using
the packagekit interface to dynamically install hardware specific
packages when they are discovered?  If we get it working there in time
for Squeeze, we can try to get it integrated into the normal Debian
desktop too. :)

If so, please join us on #debian-edu (irc.debian.org) to discuss how.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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