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Re: Automatically installing hardware specific packages

Le mercredi 16 juin 2010 à 21:33 +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen a écrit :
> > Fedora 13 provides PackageKit to install hardware specific packages
> > after installation.  Perhaps we should extend the discover system to
> > listen to DBus events and install hardware packages also after
> > installation?  Or port PackageKit to Debian and use it instead?
> Anyone know how this work?

PackageKit is not suitable for Debian, but Ubuntu reimplemented the same
D-Bus interface on top of aptdaemon (session-installer). It has recently
entered unstable.

This interface is able to install packages given their name - if it’s
only for that, you can also use aptdaemon directly, the only advantage
is that it’s the same as Fedora’s. 

In all cases this implies writing a session daemon that listens to
events when hardware is plugged, and asks the user for conformation
before installing hardware-specific packages. I don’t know whether the
stuff from Fedora can be re-used.

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