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Re: call for python/pylons hackers

[Jan Dittberner, 2010-06-23]
> A short update:
> I started work on debexpo yesterday and I'm almost finished porting it to
> Pylons 1.0, SQLAlchemy 0.6 and the latests python-debian. I will put my work in
> a publicly accessible git repository and will improve the unit test coverage
> before I start working on the open issues/new ideas.

FYI: Squeeze will most probably be released with python-pylons 0.10 (1.0
is still in experimental as TurboGears2 doesn't work with 1.0). Code
written for Pylons 1.0 should work with 0.10, though (1.0 is 0.10
without deprecated code). SQLAlchemy 0.6 is already in unstable (and
Squeeze will be released with 0.6.x)
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