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RFH: Hook script will be executed twice if ifup used to bring up ppp


could someone please help me with a bug in the MTA masqmail?

A fix was already proposed but does it solve the problem the right
way? I am not familiar with ifup/ifdown, ppp and thelike,

> The same hook script is installed in ip-up.d, ip-down.d, if-up.d and
> if-down.d.  If one brings up a PPP interface using ifup then both
> instances will be executed.  Ditto if one brings the interface down.
> A solution is to add something like:
>   [ -x /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/1masqmail -a "$MODE" = "start" -a "$METHOD" = "ppp" ] && exit 0
>   [ -x /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/1masqmail -a "$MODE" = "stop" -a "$METHOD" = "ppp" ] && exit 0
> near the top of the script.


I would be glad if someone takes the time to support me in this case.


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