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Re: [php-maint] ITP: php-recaptcha -- PHP interface to recaptcha.net

Philipp Kern wrote:
> On 2010-06-20, Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@43-1.org> wrote:
>>> As I see it, php-recaptcha should be sent to non-free (which means
>>> anything depending on it would go in contrib). I'd be happy to see
>>> others expressing themselves here, in order to make sure I don't hold an
>>> extreme view on this.
> [...]
>> Compare with the various clients for proprietary instant messengers,
>> YouTube, other Google services, ...: The server software is not
>> available for any of these either.
> And clients like lastfm in main.  We never had the requirement that the
> web service must be free.  Of course it would be cool if it would be,
> but it's no reason for the package to go into non-free.

Please read my response to Ansgar, I don't think this is a valid
argument, and I believe this is totally irrelevant here, because you are
talking about some network CLIENTS, when php-recaptcha is using a REMOTE
PROCEDURE when it doesn't really need one (huge difference).

I now believe php-recaptcha is a valid candidate for contrib, and not
the non-free repo, because the MIT license itself is perfectly valid for
Debian, but it is using an picture generation library hosted remotely
for which we don't even have a binary to play with.


P.S: Big letters are EMPHASIS only here, I'm a nice guy and I do not
intend to SHOUT in these lists! :)

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