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Re: ITP: php-recaptcha -- PHP interface to recaptcha.net

[Thomas Goirand]
> As I see it, php-recaptcha should be sent to non-free (which means
> anything depending on it would go in contrib). I'd be happy to see
> others expressing themselves here, in order to make sure I don't
> hold an extreme view on this.

Personally, I believe we should limit ourselves to putting stuff in
non-free where the copyright require it.  I fail to see anything in
the copyright of php-recaptcha that require it to go into non-free.

We do not put into non-free programs with patent problems, nor where
we do not like the way the package behaves, but only put packages with
a copyright status not following the DFSG.  I believe this is a good
thing, and thus fail to see any reason to put php-recaptcha into

After all, there is nothing stopping anyone from implementing their
own server for php-recaptcha to talk to.  There are as far as I know
no copyright limitation blocking such attempt, should anyone want to
do it, and this make me conclude that the package can go into main.

To me it is similar to a library handling some image format produced
by some proprietary and non-free piece of equipment, say a piece of
medical equipment.  The fact that the only producer of such images is
proprietary do not make me conclude that all tools operating on the
images produced by it should go into non-free if their copyright
status is according to DFSG.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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