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3.0 (quilt) format and patches applied to "component" source

Hello people,
I'm trying to merge josm and josm-plugins in a single source package, so that
it's easier to maintain them both.
I succeeded in changing the buildsystem and doing the necessary patching to
make it work; however I'm having an issue now. My layout consists in
josm_X.Y.orig.tar.gz, and josm_X.Y.orig-plugins-ZZZ.tar.gz:

  $ ls -1 *.gz

The -plugins- tarball is unpacked in unpacked in josm/plugins/.

The problem is, when launching "dpkg-source -b" on that directory, it tries to
apply the patches _before_ unpacking the component, thus failing. Is this a
genuine bug, or am I missing something?
I'm running:

  $ dpkg-source -i.git -I.git -b josm/

See the log here: http://paste.debian.net/77398/ ("deboprep" is a local script
that also runs dpkg-genchanges and other things).

Passing --no-preparation, as seen in the above log, doesn't do any better:
http://paste.debian.net/77399/ .


Thank you,

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