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Re: [RESENT] Re: Xen for Squeeze, 3.4 or 4.0

[3.4 vs. 4.0 ...]

> Based on my experience with Xen I think that we should have both.  Then if one 
> doesn't work we can try the other.
> My impression of Xen stability is that trying two different versions and 
> hoping that one will work is a good strategy for any given server.
> Bastian, thanks a lot for all your great work on this, it's very important to 
> me and to lots of other people!


I have no idea how much work that is, but I do agree that having both versions
would be the optimal solution. Still, I completely understand that this likely
is infeasible given limited man power - but thank you very much for nicely
maintaining the Xen packages, I do truly enjoy using the packages in stable on
our servers without a single glitch!

Thanks a lot,

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