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Re: [RESENT] Re: Xen for Squeeze, 3.4 or 4.0

Russell Coker wrote:
> Based on my experience with Xen I think that we should have both.  Then if one 
> doesn't work we can try the other.

I don't think having to do a double work is a good idea.

> My impression of Xen stability is that trying two different versions and 
> hoping that one will work is a good strategy for any given server.

Do you also hang garlic on the server, to bring good luck? COME ON...
this is computer science here, not voodoo! You should test things, see
what works best, and go with it. If you see bugs, try to remove them.

> Bastian, thanks a lot for all your great work on this, it's very important to 
> me and to lots of other people!

I agree.

> But through no fault of anyone in the Debian project I expect that an ideal 
> result of one version that works well for almost everyone can't be achieved.

I don't agree (see above).


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