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Bug#585183: general: .deb packages open with Archive Manager by default, not Package Installer

On Wed, 09 Jun 2010 22:20:18 +0100
di <unik64@gmail.com> wrote:

> Package: general
> Severity: normal
> Tags: squeeze
> In GNOME the default open action for when double-clicking on a .deb
> package is to open with Archive Manager, which then complains 'Could
> not create the archive: Archive type not supported.'

deb-gview supports viewing the contents of the .deb, it's just not the
default (or a part of the default GNOME install) - it could be if
people want that.
> The context menu shows as the second option 'Open with GDebi Package
> Installer', and I think it would be hard to argue against this being
> a better default, especially seeing as archive manager can't
> understand .debs itself from a clean install...

I would argue against an installer being a suitable default -
installing random .deb files downloaded from who knows where is not a
good idea. The default should be to show what is in the .deb.


Neil Williams

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