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Re: A lot of pending packages


Il giorno gio, 10/06/2010 alle 09.31 +1000, Craig Small ha scritto:

> That's exactly how I work when sponsoring packages.  I look after 7 of
> them and all 7 have a reason for being there. There is only 9 packages
> that are asking for sponsors.
> Whereas for me that would be my worst nightmare. A gui toolkit I don't
> use and haven't got install and a language I don't understand.  However,
> the variety of interests and skills is a good thing.
> What Sune said is pretty good advice, you may also be able to ask people
> who look after similiar packages.  I sponsored purple-plugin-pack
> because I maintaint pidgin-musictracker.

Yes, what Sune said is right. But if it's supposed to be so then new
uploads will be processed slowly or never.

Kind regards,

Lorenzo De Liso

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