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Possible Mass Bug Filing: String Exceptions Removed in Python 2.6

As was recently discussed on debian-python:


String exceptions are no longer supported at all in Python 2.6.  Since this is 
the Python version planned to be the default in Squeeze, packages still using 
them should be fixed.  String exceptions have never worked reliably or been a 
good idea.  It is time for them to go.

A couple of weeks ago, Jakub Wilk noticed this issue and prepared both a DD 
list of affected packages and the grep output that was used to detect 
potentially affected packages.  I know some of these packages have been fixed 
already.  Please reply to debian-python with fix reports or reports of false 



Without examining each package in detail, it's difficult to know the impact of 
this error on each package.  I expect to file the bugs at normal severity and 
leave it to maintainers to adjust it up or down.

Scott K

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