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Re: Archive area for clamz (Amazon MP3 downloader)

Felix Geyer dijo [Sat, May 29, 2010 at 09:14:56PM +0200]:
> clamz [1] has been rejected from Debian NEW [2] some time ago.
> The FTP assistent that processed the package was of the
> opinion that it belongs to contrib instead of main because it's
> only useful to download non-free content.
> The purpose of clamz is to download MP3 files after buying them
> from Amazon. You can download MP3s with every browser though
> and Debian even has many MP3 decoders in main.
> I don't see why this is a problem.
> There is another package in main that is similar in this
> respect: youtube-dl.
> So what is the reason that clamz can't be in main?

I know I am coming to this discussion after ftp-master agreed with
this package being included in main - but still: For many years, we
have had a dozen lastfm-related packages. And yes, some of them are
meant to report ("scribble") what we are listening to our LastFM
profile - But at least, lastfmproxy, shell-fm and lastfm itself work
purely with lastfm-generated music streams. And even if ocassionaly
LastFM streamed a free song (I don't use their service since they
became a for-pay service), it is not controllable/predictable, and the
stream itself is nonfree.


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