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Re: Archive area for clamz (Amazon MP3 downloader)

Philipp Kern wrote:
> Console emulators like zsnes are in main, I think because there used to be
> at least one free ROM it can be used with (be it useful or not).

It would probably be more consistent with clamz having been accepted into
main, to not require that emulators have a free rom in order to be in
main. As it is, the line between clamz and a romless emulator is quite
narrow and not well-defined.

Emulators have entered main on the back of free roms that are barely
usable and were probably slapped together in a day or so[1], and it's to
some extent duplicitous to say "this emulator is free because it lets
you play this not very good game, which is also free" -- when everyone
using the "free" emulator will really be playing Sonic The Hedgehog.

see shy jo

[1] Meaning no disrespect to their authors; I couldn't do it!

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