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Re: Re (2): lilo removal in squeeze (or, "please test grub2")

On Tue, 25 May 2010 11:51:11 -0400 (EDT), Mark <mamarcac@gmail.com>
> On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 8:42 AM, Stephen Powell <zlinuxman@wowway.com>wrote:
>> On Mon, 24 May 2010 17:29:54 -0400 (EDT), Peter Easthope wrote:
>>> Stephen Powell wrote:
>>>> (3) The need for special backup requirements will be
>>>> used by the opponents of Linux at my place of employment
>>>> to oppose further deployments of Linux, ...
>>> What about the carrot approach?  Find an even better
>>> backup method, compatible with Grub 2 and appealing
>>> to your management for its efficiency.
>> You're missing the point.  The main selling point to management
>> is that Linux is free.  ...
> Clonezilla is free, and when using the "saveparts" option to save an image
> of one partition and not the full hard drive, it includes the MBR and
> associated data.  You can then drop that partition image onto a new/blank
> disk, that does not have anything in the MBR, and once Clonezilla restores
> the image to the new partition, will put the MBR in place and the machine
> boots on its own the next time, with no extra work (I just did this last
> week with a new hard drive).  This has been my experience with using
> Clonezilla and Lenny, at least.  So it may help in your case.

Perhaps so.  But it's not what the backup people know.  They're very
comfortable with the backup software that they know and love for
backing up their Windows servers, which was purchased with Windows servers
in mind.  Do you think they're going to redo their whole backup architecture
just for a few Linux servers?  If I want to play in their sandbox, I have
to play by their rules.  That's the political reality.  At our shop, Linux
has a small beachhead on a vast continent controlled by Windows.  Over time,
the role of Linux may expand to the point where Linux is actually thought
about and planned for when decisions are made.  But that day is not today.

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