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Re: Bug#581488: general: lower vm.swappiness by default for desktop installations

Le mercredi 12 mai 2010 à 21:22 +0200, Marcus Better a écrit :
> Recently I got the advice [1] to set vm.swappiness to 0, rather than
> the default 60. This improved things dramatically. Apparently Eclipse
> is no longer being swapped out preemptively all the time. The
> difference in perceived responsiveness is spectacular.
> Shouldn't we provide a lower swappiness by default for desktop
> installs, at least those with a fair amount of RAM? This could improve
> the user experience on most modern desktop systems. Most users will
> probably never find out to tune this on their own. Ubuntu recommends a
> value of 10 for desktop systems [2, 3] (but ship with the default
> value).

The bug has been reassigned to desktop-base, but I don’t think it is the
appropriate place for that.

How about setting this default in a new, specific package, and have the
desktop environment metapackages recommend it?

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