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Re: lilo removal in squeeze (or, "please test grub2")

Le dimanche 23 mai 2010 à 20:48 -0400, Stephen Powell a écrit : 
> I do understand why a Debian package maintainer does not wish to become
> "upstream".  And I hope that someone who is both willing and able to do
> so steps up to the plate.  But withdrawing it from the distribution seems
> like overkill to me, especially since you want to withdraw it from Squeeze
> and not Squeeze+1.  Lilo, as it exists today, works just fine for my
> purposes.  And apparently it works just fine for a lot of other people too.

Debian stable releases are not here to serve as a repository for
orphaned packages. We are supposed to keep them in shape for the
lifetime of the release.

> The Lord bless you, William.

May His noodly appendage touch you.

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