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Re: Re: Parallellizing the boot in Debian Squeeze - ready for widertesting

> OTOH, it is not obvious to me anymore that Debian should commit to
> Upstart now that systemd has appeared and it has many compelling
> features. I believe we should consider systemd's merits and wait and
> see how it will work in the next Fedora release and if SUSE will
> really adopt it.
I'm not aware of any plan by Fedora to use systemd at this point; do you
have a reference you could point to?

Fedora is currently using Upstart, as will RHEL 6; and Red Hat have
people on staff whose job it is to maintain it.

Lennart has made it clear that systemd was simply a personal project of
his, and has no connection to Fedora.  In order for them to switch, the
feature would have to be proposed for a Fedora release (14?) and
ratified by FESCo.

At this stage, I can't even see a draft proposal[0].

The fact they've committed to supporting Upstart for RHEL 6, and have
been active in the feature plan (and development!) for 0.10, would
surely carry some weight in the decision process that hasn't even begun.


[0] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:FeaturePageIncomplete
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