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Re: Proposed changes to the Debian Machine Usage Policy (DMUP)

Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org> writes:

> I took the opportunity to also fix some other minor stuff in the current
> version of the document. Please note that this is a first draft, not the
> final version, which needs to be announced as per delegation to
> debian-devel-announce.
> ...
> Find attached my proposed changes as commit log, as diff to the current
> version and as full text of the new version.

I'm new to Debian; I just read the DMUP for the first time.

I don't think it is clear what is "Policy" and what is "guideline".

Some of the paragraphs in section 4 appear to be guidelines; everything
after "examples of what we consider net abuse", for instance.

I suggest saying "all numbered paragraphs in section 4 are policies,
everything else is guideline", and changing section 4 to have policy
paragraphs numbered, similar to section 3.

In addition, the statement, "This list is not and cannot be inclusive."
is unclear. I think it means "there are other policies that the DSA will
enforce that are not listed here". While this is reasonable, there must
be some process to communicate such policies before they are enforced.
Maybe this is not a problem in practice.

Thanks for your work on Debian,

-- Stephe

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