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Re: bindv6only again

Na grupie linux.debian.devel napisałe(a)ś:
> I've been reading through the archives in order to find out if there's
> been any consensus on the controversial change to the default value of
> net.ipv6.bindv6only -- and unless I've missed something, I'm under the
> impression that people agree that the change was a mistake.

Not again...

> May I therefore most humbly suggest that Debian should revert the change
> to the default (/etc/sysctl.d/bindv6only.conf), and thus become once
> again compatible with what RFC 3493 says and most application developers
> expect?

On Linux bindv6only is configurable by administrator, applications
expecting specific setting are broken anyway (on Linux), no matter what
RFC says and what default on Debian is. And ability to change the
default is definitely feature, not a bug.

If some program needs specific value of bindv6only, it should request it
explicitly with one simple setsockopt(). And according to
http://bugs.debian.org/560238, only one package in Debian (which is not
in testing) didn't manage that. There are really no reasons to revert.


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