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Re: Hardware trouble ries.debian.org - ftpmaster.debian.org / release.d.o services disabled

> ries.debian.org, the host behind ftp-master.debian.org, has hardware
> trouble, a failed memory module keeps resetting the machine at random
> intervals.

We seem to have more than one broken module, as we already asked
local admins to take DIMMs out, and then got another random reboot. The
support tools also reporting more broken RAM. We didn't find that very
helpful, nor do we think running the services on it with that problem
below is a good idea.

There are currently two options for us to go on:

 - move ftp-master and release services elsewhere.
   We already think about it, and a machine for it that has about
   similar spec to current ftp-master is about ready (pending the final
   move of another service to yet another box, which is in progress).

 - deal more with HP support and let them change more hardware (and
   maybe even the mainboard).

While the latter will definitely take a little longer (beginning of next
week we should know more on that front), the first option creates a huge
amount of work, which we would like to avoid, if possible.

So, please bear with us, people are working on the issue, and we will
keep you informed about it.

bye, Joerg
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