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Re: Proposed removal of arch-perl (libarch-perl)

On 07 Mar 2010 18:19:48 -0500, Jonathan Yu wrote:
> I'm really embarrassed now, for not having asked you about this issue
> first. I'll take a look at fixing the libarch-perl package
> immediately, and look into adopting the other related packages based
> on it (assuming they are Perl code).
> Perhaps something you can consider doing is having tests skipped
> (rather than passed) with a message like "Please install tla to run
> tests"... Otherwise, as a Perl developer, I know it's difficult to
> specify "make sure <external library> is installed first", and
> unfortunately, the current package doesn't leave hints as to what it
> requires (which I guess is partly due to us not running the tests at
> build time).

I think README gives a handful of hints about the package. Anyway, in
the devel branch (managed under tla, that is mentioned in README too)
all tests should now pass even without tla or baz installed.
I.e.:  TLA=/bin/false make test

> On Sun, Mar 7, 2010 at 6:04 PM, Mikhael Goikhman <migo@homemail.com> wrote:
> > I am aware of the problem. Once you (testers) install tla (GNU Arch)
> > package, it will likely be all PASSes. :) Of course I may make tests
> > silently pass without tla installed, but then this perl library is
> > useless on such systems, so it is hard to decide what is better.
> > 
> > The reason to remove this package may be that nearly 100% or so users
> > don't use GNU Arch. But other than this it should be a fully
> > functional library. (At least I use it almost daily.)
> I don't consider this a reason to remove a package, really. As long as
> a package is useful to at least a handful of users and isn't totally
> ridiculous to maintain, I think it's worth keeping in Debian.

Have a nice day.


perl -e 'print+chr(64+hex)for+split//,d9b815c07f9b8d1e'

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