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Proposed removal of arch-perl (libarch-perl)


Recently I've been working on adopting the arch-perl package under the
Debian Perl Group's umbrella. However, there are now some test
failures (which didn't surface before because tests were simply
disabled). So, long story short, my main issue with this is we are
redistributing software which does not pass its own tests (and which
is currently untested).

One possible solution is to just keep tests disabled, but this seems
like a bad idea.

Who is using arch-perl?

1. It has many reverse-dependencies
Reverse Depends:

2. popcon score - see
http://qa.debian.org/popcon.php?package=arch-perl - does not appear
helpful. It has 0 all across, despite hundreds of submitters according
to the graph.

3. Last upstream upload was in 2005. However, there are no bugs filed
against the request tracker.

4. CPAN Testers results are currently: FAIL (114)   NA (1)   UNKNOWN (2)

I am sort of conflicted on the best way to solve this problem and am
open to the Debian community's suggestions here. Presumably the Arch
packages mentioned *really* need this module, which, as mentioned
above, doesn't even pass its own tests. We can continue distributing
this package in Debian with tests disabled, I suppose.



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