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iw package (Was: [RFH] Debian 2.6.32 CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY, wireless-regdb and crda)


> BTW -- while we're on the topic of 2.6.32 and the next Debian release,
> and 802.11, do you guys ship iw by default yet? If not I highly
> encourage it. It should be shipped just as iwconfig is shipped. iw is
> the replacement for iwconfig, it uses the new nl80211 and nl80211 is
> used by all cfg80211 and mac80211 drivers. All new upstream drivers
> have to be cfg80211 based (or mac80211) so hence why I recommend to
> just ship iw by default today.

	$ apt-cache show iw
	Package: iw
	Priority: extra
	Section: net
	Installed-Size: 120
	Maintainer: Debian/Ubuntu wpasupplicant Maintainers <pkg-wpa-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>
	Architecture: amd64
	Version: 0.9.14-1
	Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3), libnl1 (>= 1.1)
	Conflicts: aircrack-ng (<< 1:1.0~rc2-1)
	Filename: pool/main/i/iw/iw_0.9.14-1_amd64.deb
	Size: 30602
	MD5sum: 8c04be8f94b178d0c3f6a2c8b95ed994
	SHA1: 7cdf4372b119a89f27132b9453d7d93e4715ce77
	SHA256: fa1ad798b631b3f3b7f0ad02a1d99db678746706117e794c540af4b63f4b7910
	Description: tool for configuring Linux wireless devices
	 This package contains the `iw' tool which allows you to configure and show
	 information about wireless networking.
	 In the future iw will become the canonical command line tool for wireless
	 configuration and iwconfig/wireless-tools will no longer be required. See
	 /usr/share/doc/iw/README.Debian for a more detailed overview of iw.
	Homepage: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Documentation/iw
	Tag: implemented-in::c, network::configuration, role::program, use::configuring

so it exists, but for now this isn't installed by default.

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