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How KDE uses Htdig

Dear Developers,

I am having a go at preparing a QA upload for the package Htdig,
but I need some complimentary information before I can submit this
suggestion to mentors.debian.net.

It was my work on an RC-bug that lead to the most recent NMU-upload
for Htdig. At the moment, my new contribution would solve a bug count
in excess of ten for the orphaned package Htdig.

Let me state immediately: As I am no regular subscriber to this particular
list, please send me any answer using a CC entry.

My present worry has to do with the fact that KDE has a dependency on Htdig,
and I do not use KDE, nor do I use Gnome, so therefore I _do_ need some
complimentary information on the matter.

An inherent problem with the present cron job for Htdig, is that it calls
'/usr/bin/rundig', which in turn executes '/usr/bin/htdig -i $options'.
This switch '-i' is the issue of #435242 and relatives, since it enforces
a complete recomputation of the database from scratch each day.

I intend this daily rebuilding to be configurable in the future packaging,
but since it is not clear to me if KDE makes use of 'rundig' iself, or if
only the compiled executables like htdig, htfuzzy, htdump, htmerge, etcetera,
are in fact the tools of choice for the KDE infrastructure.

Could someone please check this for me, in order that I do not risk
the introduction of new implicit bugs, when resolving the handful
reported bugs as well as the few shortcomings I have discovered myself.

With the intent of restoring Htdig to reliability I will be
grateful for all replies,

Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

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