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Re: [RFH] Debian 2.6.32 CONFIG_WIRELESS_OLD_REGULATORY, wireless-regdb and crda

On Sat, 2010-02-27 at 23:59 +0200, Faidon Liambotis wrote:

> I'm a member of pkg-wpa-devel and I've been sponsoring Kel for almost 4
> years. I have absolute trust in him and I've even offered to advocate
> him to the NM process multiple times.

I'd definitely agree with your assessment here and would also encourage
Kel to apply for NM.

> I'd be happy to review and sponsor the uploads of crda/wireless-regdb,
> if Paul doesn't have a problem with this.

Definitely no problem there.

> I usually prefer team maintenance, so I think it'd be best if this
> happened in pkg-wpa; my offer to sponsor is independent of that, though.

Agreed, whoever wants to help maintain this should join pkg-wpa.

So, summary of the main issues with Kel's current package:

He doesn't have time to maintain it and needs folks to join pkg-wpa,
take ownership of the crda RFP (#536502) and work to get both crda and
wireless-regdb uploaded.

It combines crda & wireless-regdb into one source package. While
upstream keeps them separate, we should do the same.

A few other issues that are easy to fix:




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