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Re: Removing the manpage requirement for GUI programs?

Le samedi 27 février 2010 à 15:30 -0800, Don Armstrong a écrit : 
> If the manpage doesn't contain any more information than the help
> output, then it probably should be replaced with help2man so that it
> stays up to date.
> The crux of your argument is that for many GUI programs, manpages
> aren't as essential as other forms of documentation, and developer
> time would be better spent doing making other improvements.
> Policy deals with this correctly by the manpage requirement as a
> should requirement. It's a bug when the manpage doesn't exist, but
> it's not RC. For some packages, it may not be a bug that can be
> properly fixed due to developer-availability and upstream awareness.
> I think you'd agree that manpages that were always up-to-date would be
> nice for every thing in Debian would be nice, if only we had enough
> time to make it all happen.

Yes, I overall agree with your arguments. However having it in the
policy means we get bug reports about manual pages and have to deal with
them, while they are not the primary source of documentation for
command-line options.

In my opinion, we’d be better off with no manual page than with one that
is not maintained correctly. However the current policy encourages
shipping a buggy manual page over not shipping it at all.

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