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Bug#571580: ITP: python-netio230a -- software to control the Koukaam NETIO-230A, a cheap but advanced multiple socket

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Philipp Huebner <debalance@debian.org>

* Package name    : python-netio230a
  Upstream Author : Philipp Klaus <philipp.l.klaus AT web.de>
* URL             : http://github.com/pklaus/netio230a
* License         : GPL 3+
  Programming Lang: Python
  Description     : software to control the Koukaam NETIO-230A, a cheap but advanced multiple socket

Taken from the URL above:

this software’s core
The core of this software is the Python netio230a:
    * netio230a.py – The class netio230a with the functionality to query and command the Koukaam NETIO-230A

command line user interface
There is a command line tool (to switch on/off ports) included in the package:
    * netio230a_ctrl.py

graphical user interface
And a graphical user interface is also included. PyGTK gui for the NETIO-230A (query status / switch on/off ports):
    * netio230a_gui.py

You can find screenshots on the screenshots site of the project website.

examples to show how to use the netio230a module/class in your Python projects
To show you how you can take advantage of that class in your own scripts, there are also several example files included.
Take a look:
    * example.querySystemStatus.py Query all information of the NETIO-230A
    * example.switchPower.py switch on/off a port of the device
    * example.setTime.py manually set the time of the box
    * example.interrupt.py interrupt an output for a predefined time
    * example.querySystemStatus.py about 8 hours ago mostly changed examples [pklaus]
    * example.reboot.py reboot the NETIO-230A (without loosing the power status on the ports)

discovery tool
There is also a discovery tool implemented in Python trying to give the same functionality as the Windows Tool NetioDiscover.exe by Koukaam.
It is however just a command line tool yet. It is able to detect all Koukaam NETIO-230A devices on your network.
It cannot set the IP etc. of any of the devices yet.
    * discoverNETIOsOnLAN.py

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