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Re: [RFC] Collecting changelog entries in projectb

>> FTP team and I are currently writing a new feature in dak which will
>> collect changelog entries and store them in projectb, to be later used
>> for other purposes (e.g. to write point release changelogs, see [1]).
> Isn't this why we have UDD?

UDD is the wrong approach. And also, ever looked at its "db layout"?

Anyways, the thing is - data should be gathered where it belongs
to (and is processed anyways). changelogs and other similar data
actually are something the archive needs to process, so storage is
easy. Things like UDD should not generate it, but merely be consumers,
probably linking it to other sources (that have no place in ftpmaster).

bye, Joerg
<exa> And mind you, I have always been respectful to every debian
	  developer EXCEPT Branden.

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