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Re: sbuild version 0.60.0 released

Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> (23/02/2010):
>   1) sbuild no longer defaults the distribution to "unstable", and
>      requires setting by hand with --distribution unless configured in
>      .sbuildrc.  This is to prevent accidental uploads to the wrong
>      distribution.

Yay. :D

>   2) sbuild now lists all packages (including versions) installed in
>      the build chroot in the package build log.  This may aid
>      identifying problems with builds using buggy or outdated package
>      versions.

Great; I remember having to guess possible package versions for this
or that arch at a given date to understand why a package built here
and not there. That’s probably going to save some time. :)

>   3) With a recent versions of man-db (>= 2.5.6-4), man-db will be
>      configured not to rebuild its database during package
>      installation and removal in the build chroot.


>   5) buildd has been synched with the buildd code in use on the Debian
>      buildd infrastructure, and is now in use on most, if not all,
>      running buildds.

That’s fucking great. In my understanding it’s been a long way from a
chaotic state with very different versions; I’m very happy you got to
this point. Many thanks to all folks involved.


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