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Re: Changes in dpkg Pre-Depends

Guillem Jover wrote:

> Regarding xz-utils' size, I was just checking and it seems not all
> programs are linking against liblzma, by passing --enable-dynamic to
> both configure lines the package gets reduced to 396 KiB. Also by
> not shipping xzdec and lzmadec the package gets down to 324 KiB.
> Jonathan, any reason why those are not dynamically linked?

The usual i386-centric reason: the PIC version is (~5%) slower than
the non-PIC version.  See PACKAGERS in the source, section 4.1.
I considered doing this only on i386, but since I only have an i386 to
test on, I would worry about missing packaging bugs.

I could very easily be convinced to switch to dynamic linking.  Please
file a bug (with what you just said about size and any other reasons).

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