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Possible DDPOMail improvements?


I just sent a batch of DDPOMail emails. Those emails are sent to
maintainers, co-maintainers and PTS subscribers, and report about
"serious" issues in the packages. Currently, it reports about:

1. RC bugs in unstable
2. Release Goal bugs in unstable
3. Missing builds on some architectures (not those in the Needs-Build
4. Long delays in testing migration
5. New upstream releases
6. Lintian errors and warnings (only their number)

It could also report (i.e the code is there, but it's disabled
currently) on:
7. RC bugs in stable
8. Unfixed security issues (according to the security team tracker)

With the current settings, we send ~1300 mails. If you have never
received one of those mails, you can take a look at [1] for a rather
complete example.
[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa-packages/2010/02/msg00272.html

We (Raphael Geissert, who did most of the work on that service recently,
and me) believe those mails are useful, since we did not get too many
unsubscribe requests, and also got some "thank you" from people who use
it as a TODO list.

But we are constantly wondering where we should go from there. Should we
add more data (like the RC bugs in stable and the unfixed security
issues)? Or should we instead try to decrease the amount of data (to
increase the signal/noise ratio), for example by not reporting about
Lintian errors and warnings?

- Lucas

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