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Re: Bits from the NM people

On Monday 30 November 2009 00:08:20 Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > Lets say this package is maintained on Launchpad that also "maintainance"
> > for debian or would this have to be on mentors.debian.org to be a valid
> > maintainance? (Just curios as there use to be some discussion between the
> > bloggers about that some time back)
> Where it is maintained is irrelevant. What is important is the track
> record within Debian, and that can be seen by tools like minechangelogs
> and PTS for example. Or the handling of the bugs for this package that
> you see via our BTS.
But if I remember right ftp.debian.org is an official debian repository to which 
only the DDs/Maintainers of a package have access to. 
Doesn't that mean I cant upload packages to this repository? Are there 
exceptional places on ftp.debian.org a non-maintainer can upload his packages 
to without triggering the alarmbells? 
If there is a documentation page I haven't yet seen please do tell. I really 
really want to get packages into debian. 

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