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Re: multiarch and pkg-config

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> writes:

> Le mercredi 03 février 2010 à 10:48 +0100, Goswin von Brederlow a
> écrit : 
>> > If we want to support multiarch compilation, this sounds ok to me.  I'm
>> > personally not convinced by the point of doing it.  Though.
>> We probably don't want multiarch compilation as such but cross
>> compilation is a huge benfit for many people and multiarch dev packages
>> would make it possible to cross compile without having to set a sysroot
>> and without mangling packages during unpacking.
> Cross-compiling packages without a dedicated build root sounds like a
> very, very bad idea to me.

The design of multiarch is so that you can install the arm deb on arm
and compile or unpack it into a chroot and cross-compile or even install
it in your real system and cross-compile there.

The big change will be that you no longer need to compile a bunch of
cross compile libraries but you can just use the debian packages as is.

Also you probably want a build chroot. In there you need the native libs
and tools and a cross-compiler. Do you then want to have a chroot in the
chroot for the foreign libs? Or a single multiarch chroot for the native
tools, cross-compiler and foreign libs?

>> It also makes sense to compile sources with everything in the triplet
>> dir. No point having the *.so link or .pc files in different libdirs. It
>> is probably harder to not multiarchify the -dev packages as well.
> It is only marginally harder to make the .so symlink point to the .so.N
> in the arch-triplet directory. It is just the same as what is done
> with /lib.

Setting the link different is simple. But then you need to edit the .pc
file as well. It adds up.


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