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Re: multiarch and pkg-config

]] Simon McVittie 

| `pkg-config --debug 2>&1 | grep i486` (on my i386) reveals that pkg-config
| already looks in /usr/lib/pkgconfig/i486-linux-gnu; perhaps it could be made
| to search /usr/lib/TRIPLET/pkgconfig too (hackish version:
| /usr/lib/pkgconfig/TRIPLET could be a symlink there, on Debian).

Yeah, I should probably change that around.  It's just a configure
option, and given I don't believe anybody uses the triplet dir today,
I'll probably just move it.

| However, this would also require that pkg-config itself was multiarch or
| otherwise supported cross-compilation (/usr/bin/i486-linux-gnu-pkg-config,
| like AC_CHECK_TOOL would use? pkg-config --arch=i486-linux-gnu? etc.); until
| then, it's not useful for pkg-config-using libraries to be multiarch (if
| I have i386 and amd64 versions of libdbus-1-dev, but only the one whose
| architecture matches my version of pkg-config actually works, then I might
| as well uninstall the other version of libdbus-1-dev).
| I'd be interested to hear from Tollef what the plan is regarding pkg-config
| and multiarch.

I discussed this with Loïc Minier during UDS in Dallas and we did at
least talk about using AC_CHECK_TOOL in pkg.m4.  I'd then need to
implement some magic in pkg-config which feels a bit hackish, but which
I could live with.  If somebody has feedback on the preferred way, I'm
open to suggestions.

| In the meantime, from the point of view of the multiarch cabal, which of these
| is most correct?
| * pkg-config'd libraries should not be multiarch until pkg-config supports it,
|   but the .a, .so should go in /usr/lib/TRIPLET as soon as possible
| * pkg-config'd libraries should not be multiarch until pkg-config supports it,
|   and until then they should ensure that the .a, .so stay in /usr/lib
| * pkg-config'd libraries may do whichever of those is most straightforward

If we want to support multiarch compilation, this sounds ok to me.  I'm
personally not convinced by the point of doing it.  Though.

Tollef Fog Heen
UNIX is user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are

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