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New Graphviz version 2.26.3 in experimental: please test


Version 2.26.3 of Graphviz has been uploaded to experimental.  This new
version is a significant jump from the existing 2.20 versions in stable
and testing.

The main differences are :

1. libagraph is no longer available - all packages now need to use
libcgraph instead.  This should already be the case with the sole
exception of python-pygraphviz.  This needs to be upgraded to a newer
upstream release (at least 0.99.1).  I've filed a bug for this.

2. The old libgraphviz4 package which used to contain all the libraries
has now been split into separate packages - libgraph4, libcgraph5,
libcdt4, libpathplan4 and libgvc5.  This is due to the soname changes
for cgraph and gvc.  Since the other libraries have not changed the new
packages conflict against libgraphviz4, which means the two versions
cannot co-exist.

3. Dot output formats -Tdia and -Tmif are no longer available, at least
for now.  These were removed upstream due to code reorganisation so it's
possible they will reappear in a future release.

I would really appreciate it if some people could test the new version,
both the command line tools and packages that use either the libraries
or invoke the commands.

Please let me know how you get on, either here, by email or on
#debian-devel where I can be found most evenings as eclecticdave.  I'm
hoping to get the new version into unstable in time for the freeze, so
any feedback I can get will be most helpful.



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