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Re: multiarch and pkg-config

Am Dienstag 02 Februar 2010 16:14:27 schrieb Simon McVittie:
> However, this would also require that pkg-config itself was multiarch or
> otherwise supported cross-compilation (/usr/bin/i486-linux-gnu-pkg-config,
> like AC_CHECK_TOOL would use? pkg-config --arch=i486-linux-gnu? etc.);
>  until then, it's not useful for pkg-config-using libraries to be multiarch
>  (if I have i386 and amd64 versions of libdbus-1-dev, but only the one
>  whose architecture matches my version of pkg-config actually works, then I
>  might as well uninstall the other version of libdbus-1-dev).

pkg-config actually does support relocation of the libraries but for a strange 
reason only on Windows. That means that for cross-compiling, you have to fixup 
all paths it returns. The patch would be trivial.

The undocumented "pcfiledir" variable can be used to hack around it, probably 
better to convinve upstream to make pkg-config more cross-compile-friendly.
Thus, it may be possible to a generic shell script as cross-pkg-config wrapper 
that does what you want (with many symlinks to make autotools happy).


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