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Bug#567954: RFH: debtags -- Enables support for package tags

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the debtags package.

What I would like is a comaintainer who takes care of the everday
packaging chores (for example, redoing the fetch script to fix #481634
and #478590, or fixing the manpage in #542525).

I am looking for someone who already has packaging experience.

The package description is:
 debtags provides a system to download a database of package tags and keep
 it up to date.  A package tag is a small label that gets attached to a
 Debian package to represent one of its qualities.
 A package tag database in the system can enable advanced package search
 techniques, and advanced package browsing functions in programs that
 support it.
 This package has been made as a way to deploy and test package tags
 support until it gets integrated in the normal Debian workflow.



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