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Re: Bug#567816: ITP: htb-gen -- Simple and effective home/small/medium ISP bandwidth solution

On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 12:48:09PM -0300, dererk@madap.com.ar wrote:
> Package name: htbgen
> Version: 20070223+git
> Upstream Author: Luciano Ruete <luciano at praga org ar>
> URL: http://www.praga.org.ar/wacko/DevPraga/htbgen
> License: GPL2+
> Description: Simple and effective home/small/medium ISP bandwidth solution

This description could use some work. The short description is almost
meaningless on its own, and quality measures like "and effective"
don't live in Debian package descriptions (if it isn't effective, why
is it in Debian?); neither do words like "solution" which doesn't tell
us anything.

How about:

Description: Simple home/small/medium ISP bandwidth management tool

> htb-gen is meant to be an easy, scalable and yet powerfull bandwidth
> management tool.
> .

This paragraph should probably be dropped for the same reason.

> You can set limits on up/down rates from the bandwidth budget for each
> host or network that goes trough your router/firewall.
> .
> Priorized traffic (web, mail, gaming, ftp, voip, streaming) is


> preferred over Junk traffic (kazaa, emule, etc). Dynamic
> bandwith borrow


> and re-assignation is done between host thanks to

I'm not sure what "between host" should mean - I guess "between hosts"?

> HTB boundaries.
> .

> Due to htb-gen being based into bash-like scriping, and then nature of
> HTB to classify and inject traffic into the network, the capability of
> getting it embedding into router/firewalls is an awesome feature, even into
> boxes with extremely low resources, in contrast to other class-based
> queueing algorithms, like Qdisc and others.
> .

I didn't understand this paragraph at all the first time I read it.
The English needs a little work, but even once I try and rewrite it to
make grammatical sense, its sense seems unclear. I think it means
something like this though:

"In contrast to Qdisc, and other similar tools, htb-gen is suitable for
embedding into routers and firewalls with low resources. This is due
to the use of bash-like scripting[*] and the underlying design of HTB."

[*] this really needs to be explained a bit more - why does bash-like
scripting make it low-resource friendly, and what does base-*like*
mean in the context?

> Side note, the packet clasification is done by iptables


s/Side note, t/T/


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