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Re: "failed <arch> build of <package> <version>" mails

2010/1/28 Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org>:

> Would it be possible to batch the emails somehow? For example, if after
> a few hours, all architectures that have tried to build the package
> failed, send a mail that says it failed everywhere.

Sounds like a good idea. I'd speculate that it might be hard to
implement, unless the notification mails were delayed until all arches
have tried the package (or are in BD-Uninstallable state). Probably
the debian-wb-team list is the appropriate place to request this.

> It would also be nice to distinguish between failures at the package
> installation time, and failures that happen inside dpkg-buildpackage. In
> the former case, some action is required, but often not by the package
> maintainer.

Wouldn't the new BD-Uninstallable state catch these failures, or are
we talking about bugs in the maintainer scripts of the Build-Depends
tree? For the former, I imagine no mails are sent. For the latter, the
package maintainer could file RC bugs to get the problem fixed or NMU
if there already is one.



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