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Re: git-core maintenance

Ramkumar Ramachandra wrote:
> Hi,
> I found that the package git-core has several outstanding bugs filed
> against it. Many of them are poorly tagged, and their status has not
> been updated in quite some time. I updated the status of some bugs,
> and sent patches to upstream fixing others. After that, I tried asking
> the maintainer to make a new release incorporating bugfixes.
> Unfortunately, the maintainer's email address listed on the Debian
> bugs page seems to be broken. Therefore, I would like to politely urge
> someone with some additional time on their hands to contact the
> maintainer/ adopt the package. I'm not experienced enough to do this
> myself, but I am willing to give my time to help co-maintain the
> package if necessary.

Indeed, a more proper maintenance of the package would be very welcome.

I'm CCing the maintainer in the hope to get some more informations from him.

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