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Bug#566378: ITP: dehydra -- Scriptable static analysis tool for C++

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Mike Hommey <glandium@debian.org>

* Package name    : dehydra
  Version         : 0.9.hg20100123
  Upstream Author : Mozilla Corporation
* URL             : https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Dehydra
* License         : GPL2+
  Programming Lang: C, C++, JS, tiny bits of python
  Description     : Scriptable static analysis tool for C++

Dehydra is a lightweight, scriptable, general purpose static analysis tool
capable of application-specific analyses of C++ code. In the simplest
sense, Dehydra can be thought of as a semantic grep tool. It presents a
wealth of semantic information that can be queried with concise
JavaScripts. It is also useful to find bugs in source code as it allows
for much more error checking than C++ is capable of by itself.

Dehydra is built as a GCC plugin, thus it is easy to use for projects that
already support GCC.

Dehydra is also useful for generating language bindings and is used to
bootstrap Treehydra, a heavy-duty static analysis GCC plugin.

(This description is just a copy/paste of

Please note that treehydra is part of the dehydra build, so it will also
be packaged at the same time. As both require gcc 4.5 plugin support, it
will live in experimental.

Anyone interested in co-maintaining this tool is welcome.



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