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Bug#566346: ITP: krb5-appl - Kerberos applications and clients

package: wnpp
severity: wishlist
owner: hartmans@debian.org

name: krb5-appl
URL: http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/dist/krb5-appl
License: MIT Kerberos license 
    (roughly MIT license plus a requirement that if you modify the
    software you must mark it as modified)
description: Contains fairly ancient versions of telnetd, ftpd, rsh and
rlogin that support Kerberos authentication

Up until the upcoming Kerberos 1.8 release, these applications were part
of the main krb5 tree.  They are kind of old and crufty, but attempts to
kill them off have met with users (and Debian users) who say they are
still valuable in certain environments.  Reasons cited include that the
code base is simpler than things like ssh, it works and is in use, etc.
My belief that the security of the rsh and rlogin programs is quite
good, although the telnet and telnetd are well below current security

However upstream krb5 doesn't want to maintain the applicatinos as part
of the main source tree.  So, they are being split out.  Since Debian
users still want them, I'm going to package them.  They've been in
Debian for years already, so I think this should not be a problem.

To look at the WIP packages see

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